About us & Our Philosophy

Rebecca has operated Blue Heron Landscape Design since 1999. Since its inception, she has owned and operated Blue Heron and its previous name: Garden Partners, Inc. She spent more than 6 years as a Landscape Designer and Structural Technician for a local architectural firm while continuing work with Blue Heron. She has also been an active Master Gardener since 1996 and a Certified Tree Care Advisor since 2006, completing both of these programs through the University of Minnesota, Mn Dept. of Agriculture and MNDOT.

As one who appreciates the horticultural world, Rebecca continually seeks to expand her knowledge in that area: taking classes to reinforce her drawing techniques, staying up to date on design principles, and developing her network of experts in the field.

Her goal for each client is to develop a space that they look forward to using to entertain friends and family, to accent their lifestyle, or to simply relax after a day’s work. To illustrate, she shares a story of a successful design:

“Early in developing Blue Heron Landscape Design, then called Garden Partners, my son and I were finishing a patio garden for a long-time client. We were putting finishing touches on the mulch and adding the last annuals when the owner suddenly came out with a bird feeder, set it in the garden with care, and brought out the chairs to the patio table. My son and I exchanged a knowing look, and decided we needed to finish up quickly. The owners were obviously very anxious and excited to occupy the space we created for them! While we were packing up, afternoon beverages were brought out and placed on the patio table. They completely settled in before we could leave. It was incredibly satisfying to know our clients were so excited to use their new space!”

Rebecca believes she has the most satisfying career there is. She loves witnessing the excitement grow in her client’s eyes as their visions become reality.

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